Work Begins on Outdoor Classroom and Fixing Underground Springs


March 9, 2016: After decades of drainage problems at the corner of the field at Blowing Rock School, the dynamic duo of parents Ron Cutlip and Britt Medley along with help from Trans Tech Energy, Inc. have found two springs on the hillside and installed drainage equipment to move the spring water to the creek on the edge of the school property. In addition, a catch basin was installed at the top of the hill to assist in water drainage from the properties above the hill. It has been estimated that approximately 5 gallons of water per minute are now being directed from these springs to the creek on the edge of the field. The photos are by Phyllis Shore and Lee Ryan, members of the Playground Rejuvenation Committee. Please visit the Blowing Rock PTO Facebook Group for more photos, text and a video. This is a HUGE step forward toward being able to finally use this substantial section of the school property. Thank you Ron & Britt!